Project-based learning

Project-based learning

Students learn in a project-learning method, by addressing complex questions or problems, students try to offer a solution. In this approach, the student will be in the center. he received a complex problem, we lead him to make an effort to looking for knowledge he needs, and without it them would not be able to advance in the face of this challenge. In order to shall be derived his knowledge, which are in most it is not stereotypical and not ready, he should work skill question and exploration, investigation and interrogation. Moreover, the student must offers a new performing and will need in the process of learning and achievement of these skills to the twenty-first century, including cooperation, communication and critical thinking – scientific. This approach ensures that the student hears us voice and shows his character and helped him to make his choices. Based on what is offered and performed by addressing these problems and challenges, Rated guidance and help in progress. As a result of this process in every project, is a manufacturer offers to the public in the form of a presentation about the nature of achievement and provide the same, whether it is an invention or a solution to a problem or a new disclosure or material knowledge


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