Building Teacher Capacity

Capacity building and Professional Development – Lifelong Learning


Teachers are at the center of each and every educational system; Their role is pivotal and it is key that teachers are adequately trained, and well aware of their importance in achieving desired objectives of the system itself.

With the massive explosion of knowledge as we enter the era of information, telecommunications and high-tech, teachers need to continuously keep up and evolve with the times and pace of these technological changes; This in addition to their core role i.e. to provide their students with the tools and environment to learn and grow and additionally, they the also need to help society progress by educating the future generation.

At the core of teacher training, is focus on ensuring that teachers are lifelong learners, able to continuously learn well after they have completed their college courses. There is no doubt that professional development becomes highly critical for teachers as it is another means for them to refresh their skills and knowledge and for some to learn new tools.

In this day and age teachers that are lifelong learners will be highly successful as changes in our modern day are fast and continuous



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