Sign language

?What is Sign Language

One reason some hearing people resist learning sign language is because they think they need to become fluent in it. It is not necessary to become fluent in sign language unless your intention is to work with deaf people. Most hearing and deaf people can benefit from learning just enough sign language to be able to communicate. At a minimum, the sign language alphabet should be learned

The many facets of sign language

Sign language is not a universal language:

Unfortunately sign language is NOT universal throughout the world. There is American Sign Language, British Sign Language, Spanish Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, Ausian (Australian Sign Language) and many more. In fact, there are even multiple sign languages used in the United States (American Sign Language, Signed Exact English, regional dialects, etc.). Although one universal sign language would probably make things easier, just like with spoken language, the world would have a very difficult time trying to come up with whose way of doing it was the best way

similar & Differentsign language



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